Asthma 101: The Connections Between Pests, Mold, Asthma & Aspergillosis


When a child is diagnosed with allergic asthma, the parents try to eliminate all possible triggers from the home so their child doesn't continue to have asthma attacks. This typically involves removing carpeting and draperies, dusting regularly, and keeping windows and doors closed. However, here are three other crucial steps to take that can help reduce allergens in the home that can cause an asthma attack—hire a pest control service, hire a mold removal service, and run a dehumidifier.

3 August 2016

3-Step Home Treatment For Keeping Roaches Away From Your Cabinets


If you have noticed a few roaches scurrying around your kitchen, you may be afraid they are getting into your cabinets and contaminating your food and want to try to keep them out. If so, use the following three-step home treatment for repelling and killing roaches invading your cabinets. Step 1:  Clean The Cabinets With A Vinegar-Based Solution The first step involves cleaning the inside and outside surfaces with a homemade cleaning solution made from white distilled vinegar.

31 March 2016