3 Critical Steps To Take When Faced With A Cockroach Infestation


There are many pests you don't want to find on your property, but probably the least liked is the cockroach. These insects enter your home seeking food and shelter, and they could be carrying all sorts of diseases. You can deal with them effectively, though, by taking these steps.  Identify Infestation Areas  Before you start taking calculated measures to remove these pesky insects, you first need to identify where your infestation problem is.

4 April 2018

What You Can Do About Ants In Your Home


One of the biggest annoyances you can experience in your home is an ant infestation. Seeing ants crawling around in your kitchen or elsewhere in your house can be frustrating and can make you just want to clean and clean again. However, this will not completely rid your home of the ants infesting it. Get to know some of the things you can do to deal with the ants in your home.

16 March 2018

Did You Just Move to a State Where Scorpions Roam? 4 Strategies for Residential Scorpion Control


Scorpions are one type of household pest that inspire fear since they are known to pack a painful and poisonous sting. Yet, they also play an important role in our environment by keeping insect and small animal populations down. Unfortunately, scorpions sometimes invade buildings in search of food and water, and they rarely leave many signs other than visual sightings. For this reason, it is best to use these scorpion control strategies throughout the year.

26 February 2018

Four Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Home


The sight of a scorpion can be terrifying, particularly for someone who has never seen one before. These creatures are typically found in the Southwest, and they can be poisonous to humans as well as pets. To keep a scourge of scorpions from invading your home and yard, use the following helpful tips. Get Rid Of Your Rock Bed Rock beds can bring beauty to homes while also limiting the amount of lawn maintenance you need to do every week.

24 January 2018

4 Crucial Steps To Follow When You Have Bed Bugs In Your Office


Have you found a bed bug in your office? If you've never come across these pests, you may have been like many other people who assume these bugs are only found on beds. Despite their name and the fact that they do like to live on mattresses and bed frames, bed bugs travel on plenty of different things, including clothes, handbags, and even backpacks. With different people coming into your office to speak with you, there's a chance one of those people unknowingly brought bed bugs with them.

24 November 2017

How To Free Your Home From The Box Elder Bug Invasion


They black and red in color, and ovular in shape. When they come, they come in droves, landing all over your porch, windows, and doors. They're box elder bugs, and while they do not typically bite or sting, they are certainly an annoyance, thanks to their tendency to congregate in large groups. Here are some strategies to help fend them off: Spray them with soap. Soap tends to break down the bugs' exoskeletons, which causes them to dehydrate and eventually die.

1 November 2017

3 Important Reasons Why A Professional Should Handle Your Mice Infestation


Have you recently discovered that your home has, unfortunately, become the location of a nest of mice? Are you researching how you can get rid of these pesky rodents with as little trouble as possible? Although you may be wanting to handle the infestation yourself, you should seriously consider at least getting a professional opinion on your circumstances. While you may be wanting to keep the fact that you have mice quiet, there are a number of reasons why you need to consider a professional mice exterminator.

11 October 2017