Field Mice Identification And Control Methods


Small openings in walls and ceilings will allow mice to squeeze through. Field mice tend to stay in their nest during the day, but seek food and water at night. Verifying the presence of mice will involve identifying mice droppings and using a trapping system that will effectively capture one or more of the rodents. Afterward, an effective trapping method can be used to eliminate the population.

Noises And Visual Cues

Pest control efforts will require some preliminary steps. A homeowner may hear scratching, clawing, and scurrying noises during the day. Although rats and larger rodents can become trapped behind walls or above ceiling panels, the noise that a bigger animal will make will sound much louder than what a lightweight mouse is capable of. Using one's judgment can narrow down the possibilities and point toward mice being present.

Visual cues, such as small holes in walls and ceilings, the size of the gnaw marks that are present, and the size of rodent droppings will greatly substantiate that the pest infestation is indeed one that consists of a small mice variety. Identifying the pest is important since it will reflect upon what type of trapping system to use to eliminate the rodents.

Trapping And Cleaning Strategies

Pest control companies use cages, spring traps, and bucket traps to collect mice. Since mice that are living behind a structural surface will likely forage for food when they are awake, any of the trapping methods may aid in catching the rodents. The mice will require a lure that will lead them to the trapping materials that a pest control company utilizes. Food sources that wild mice usually eat should be used for this purpose. Cheese, crackers, and bread crumbs can also be used to attract mice.

A cage and a bucket trap will not kill mice. These types of trapping methods are meant for collection purposes only. Mice will need to be set free as they are collected. A spring trap will snap upon the nose or foot of a mouse. This type of trap is noted for killing rodents.

Since a spring trap will only capture one field mouse at a time, many of these traps may be needed to eliminate the pest issue. Once mice have been eliminated, cleaning the premises will aid with eliminating scents that attracted the mice in the first place. Structural materials that are damaged should be repaired or replaced, to further deter another infestation.

Reach out to a mice control company to learn more.


16 November 2022

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