What Are Some Of The Problems Caused By Rodents?


If you have noticed any signs of a rodent infestation in your dwelling, you should take action immediately because these creatures pose a risk to your home, health, and belongings. If the infestation is left unchecked, here are four common problems you will likely experience in your home:

Damage to Property

Rodents have sharp teeth and may nibble on anything they can access, including your valuables. While searching for materials to construct their nests, they may rummage and munch through cardboard boxes, electronics, fancy furniture, clothes, documents, etc. You should seek an immediate professional remedy to this problem because otherwise, the damage caused can run into thousands of dollars.

Risk of Contracting Diseases and Illnesses

Unfortunately, you and your household members can become seriously ill if you share residence with rodents. They spread diseases through food contamination and direct contact with their droppings and urine. Possible diseases include plague, leptospirosis, tularemia, and salmonellosis, which require hospitalization and, in worst-case scenarios, can lead to death. Accordingly, you need to hire a pest control expert to stop the infestation before the situation gets out of hand.

Disruptive Noises at Night

While you and your family sleep at night, you do not wish anything to disturb your rest. However, if you have rodents in your house, they come out during the night and make noise as they rummage through your house and belongings. You might hear them chewing, squeaking, or bumping, and these noises can be disruptive. For your and your family's peace, you need to engage a contractor to get rid of the pests.

They Invite Other Pests and Parasites

Rodents can make or enlarge holes in the walls of your residence as they try to access your home. These holes can then be an entry point for other pests, such as cockroaches and ants, which may easily access your residence. As a result, the pest infestation escalates, and the cost of resolving the issue rises. For example, termite damage may require you to repair sections of your house in addition to the cost of pest elimination. Moreover, some pests, like fleas and mites, also have nasty parasites that can cause harm. Even so, a pest control expert has the training, skills, and equipment to effectively eliminate pests from your residence.

These are some problems you may experience if rodents invade your residence. As such, it is imperative that you take prompt action to hire a residential pest control professional who will get rid of them as soon as possible.


9 August 2022

Making My New Home Safe

After marrying my sweet husband ten years ago, I moved into a fixer-upper. I immediately started making a list of remodeling projects I wold need to complete before the house would be comfortable to live in. For instance, I had to rip out the old linoleum flooring in the kitchen, mud room, and bathrooms. I also had to buy a complete set of new furniture. Only a few days after moving into this house, I also discovered my need to contact a reputable pest control specialist. The house contained huge, disgusting roaches. After a local pest control technician visiting my house, my home was free of potentially health damaging roaches. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in the pest control industry for successfully removing roaches from a home.