Residential Pest Control Services: 3 Unusual Bedbug Hiding Places


Most people believe that bedbugs only hide in or around the bedroom area. However, there are countless other places in the home where you are likely to find them. Since bugs are minuscule travelers, they are easily transmitted from hotel rooms to homes, schools, and other places. If you have been trying to exterminate them without success, perhaps it is time to look at other hiding places you overlooked in the past. Here are other parts of the home you are likely to find the bugs. 

Inside Stuffed Toy Animals

Children love their stuffed animals and will do anything to retain them. However, most designers make toys from the same materials used in bedding and pillows. Since the toys are fluffy, they have nooks and corners where the bugs can hide, accumulate and even lay eggs. When handling the extermination process, you should consider these toy animals and disinfect them thoroughly. Washing them with hot water and giving them other heat treatments are excellent ways of killing both the bugs and their eggs. 

School Buses

The school bus is another place where your children might pick up the vermin. It happens because they are in contact with other kids from other homes that might have the bugs. The bus seats also offer excellent hiding places where the bugs can stay and reproduce. It is always advisable to tell your children to remove their clothes immediately after they get home. Also, washing your kids' school clothes separately is an excellent way to protect yourself and your family from an infestation. Airplanes and other modes of transportation also have a similar risk of transferring the bugs, and you should always stay cautious while traveling. 

Bags and Purses

Most bugs that people transfer from hotel rooms to their homes come bundled up with their luggage. Luggage and purses have endless corners and nooks where these bugs hide to reach your home. If you are a frequent traveler or spend a lot of time in hotels and restaurants, consider cleaning everything you bring home before getting it inside the house. A pest control expert can teach you how to handle the cleanup after spending several days in a hotel room.

Speaking with professionals about extermination is the first step to limiting infestations. They will assess your needs and create the ideal solution for your problem. They can also give you tips on limiting re-infestation, especially when you have school-going kids.

If you think you have bed bugs, contact a pest control company in your area. 


25 May 2022

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