The Best Warning System You Can Get Against Termites


Termites are a very dangerous insect that destroys hundreds of structures every year. If you live in an area known for termites, then it can be quite nervewracking not knowing when or even if they will show up. Luckily, there is a warning system that you can implement that alerts you to the presence of termites in the area. This is known as a termite bait system, and many Americans use it because it is simple, cost-effective, and very good at catching termites before they get to your property. Here is a brief explanation as to what a termite bait system is and a few reasons you should consider a termite bait system for your home.

What Does A Termite Bait System Do?

As a preventative measure, termite bait systems are strategically positioned around your home so that the termites, if they are around, will pick up the scent of the bait rather than your house. These bait systems have unique material in them that is like catnip for the termites, and so even though there is no solid defensive wall so-to-speak, there is very little chance that the termites will walk past the bait system. Every few weeks or months (depending on your needs) a professional pest control agent will come and look to see if the bait has been touched.

Does The Bait Only Warn Of Termites?

In addition to warning you about the termites, the bait also acts as a quick way to kill off large swathes of termites. The bait itself is loaded with a poison that will eventually kill any termite that eats it. In some cases, a termite bait system is all you need to kill an entire colony because the termites bring some of the bait back to the others, thereby infecting them even if they weren't at the bait system itself. That is why bait systems are also used in already affected houses to kill the termites causing trouble.

Better Than Alternatives

The other main alternative to the bait system is a pesticide barrier around your home. This is not ideal because the pesticide does have an expiration date and will need to be constantly replaced, which can cost quite a lot. It also does not kill the entire group of termites, only the ones who come near it. This means that the colony can remain in the area and attack at a later point. Bait systems have none of those drawbacks, which is why they are often preferred. 

To learn more about termite bait systems, reach out to a local pest control service.


20 October 2020

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