Do You Have A Mole Infestation? Here's How To Tell


Moles may look cute and innocent, but these pesky little rodents can do some serious damage to the lawns, homes, and gardens that they infest. So, if you see a mole on or near your property, have a pest control professional come out to take a look and to provide you with mole traps if necessary. That way, you can get rid of the problem before it gets worse.

With that said, though, moles are good at hiding, so you might not see one but could still have a mole problem on your hands. That's why it's necessary to know the more subtle warning signs of a potential mole infestation.

Mole Streaks

Your lawn will often give you the first clue that you may need to buy and set out mole traps. Pay attention to raised areas on your lawn. They often look like small streaks in the lawn and feature no grass on top, making them brown in color. These streaks aren't just dying grass as many people presume they are. Instead, they are often signs that moles have created tunnels underneath these areas.


You've probably heard the saying, "Don't make a mountain out of a molehill." However, this saying is wildly inaccurate, since molehills actually are pretty serious. They signal a mole infestation and the need for mole traps right away.

Molehills are small piles of dirt, usually just a few inches high, that mean moles are making your home their own. Your whole lawn can get covered in molehills in no time at all, so be sure to address the problem promptly.

Excessive Grubs

Are you spotting a lot of grubs in your yard? Or maybe, even worse, you spot half-eaten or dead grubs on your property. If so, this could mean that you already have moles on the property or that you soon will. Moles love to feast on grubs and will often leave their remains behind for you to find.

Get your grub problem under control first to try solving your mole issue. If that still doesn't work, then it's time to trap those persistent moles and remove them from your property for good.

As you can see, moles often leave behind major indicators that they're targeting your property. The key is to know their signs, be able to spot them easily, and take action. As long as you address the problem quickly, it doesn't have to grow out of control or cause a lot of damage.


20 November 2019

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