4 Smart Ways to Keep Pests Away from Your Home This Winter


Pests don't go away just because it gets cold outside. Winter is one of the times of year when pests seem to pop up the most inside of homes. Rodents, like mice, don't like to be out in the cold even more than you. That is why you need to make sure you properly winterize your home to keep out unwelcomed and unwanted rodents.

1. Clean Your Gutters

Keeping pests away from your home starts on the outside. Leaves and debris inside of your gutters can turn into a gooey, appealing mess for rodents. Leaves and debris can make a great food source for a wide range of rodents and pests, from mice to squirrels to birds to small insects. Leaving debris in your gutters attracts these types of pests to your home. Cleaning your gutters is one way to keep these types of pests away from your home in the first place.

2. Be Careful with Wood Piles

If you have a wood stove, be careful about where you put your wood. Although it may seem convenient to place your wood pile right up next to your home, that is not the safest place to put your wood pile. You should keep your woodpile at least two car lengths away from your home. Wood piles can attract various pests, insects, and spiders. Keeping your wood pile away from your home will help keep these pests away from your home.

3. Keep Leaves Away from Your Home

You should also keep leaf piles away from your home as well. Compost piles are great for your yard and garden, but you shouldn't keep your compost piles up against your home. One reason why compost piles work is the decomposition process, which can attract insects and rodents. Make your compost pile, but make sure that you keep it away from your home.

4. Don't Let Water into Your Home

You need to make sure you don't let water into your home as well. Check the outside of your home and make sure there is not any way for moisture to get in. For example, you may need to use caulking to seal your windows to make sure water doesn't get in around them. You may need to replace damaged shingles on your roof to prevent water from getting in through your roof. Keeping water out of your home can also help keep rodents out of your home.

This winter,  make sure that you are taking steps to keep rodents out of your home. Clean your gutters, keep wood piles and compost piles away from your home, and make sure that you don't allow water to leak into your home. These preventative measures will help keep your house rodent-free this winter. Contact a mice removal service for more information or assistance.


2 January 2019

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After marrying my sweet husband ten years ago, I moved into a fixer-upper. I immediately started making a list of remodeling projects I wold need to complete before the house would be comfortable to live in. For instance, I had to rip out the old linoleum flooring in the kitchen, mud room, and bathrooms. I also had to buy a complete set of new furniture. Only a few days after moving into this house, I also discovered my need to contact a reputable pest control specialist. The house contained huge, disgusting roaches. After a local pest control technician visiting my house, my home was free of potentially health damaging roaches. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in the pest control industry for successfully removing roaches from a home.