Got A Lot Of Gnats In Your Home? How To Deal With These Pesky Pests


Gnats can be very pesky, and they are so small and fast that they are hard to eliminate. They also reproduce very quickly, so if you have a few gnats now it will turn into many later. Fortunately, there are things you can do now before the gnats' time to reproduce. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

Remove Food Sources

Gnats love to eat vegetables, fruit, and other organic products. They also breed around what they are eating. You will find this problem mostly in summer, but it is possible to see the gnats at other times of the year if you constantly leave food out or dirty dishes in your sink.

If you keep fresh fruits sitting on your counter, such as bananas, you need to seal them up until you take care of your gnat problem. You can put them in a container that has a tight lid or put the bananas in a drawer for now. Put the bananas back on the counter when the gnats are removed to keep them ripe longer.

You also need to ensure your garbage can is sealed so the gnats cannot get in it. If you throw away food they like, instead put this food in sealed containers. When the containers become full, you can put the food in a sealed garbage bag and dispose of it.

If you keep potatoes and one is rotten at all, gnats will swarm to it. Because of this, check your potatoes often.

Make a Trap

Once their food source is taken care of, you need to make a trap to get rid of the gnats. You can purchase gnat traps at a store, but you can make your own trap to save money. To do this, get a 2-liter soda bottle. Put small pieces of banana in the bottle, along with some fruit juice to cover a few inches on the bottom. Gnats will fly into the soda bottle and then have a difficult time flying out. Redo the trap each day, and you will get rid of a lot of gnats over the next few days.

You can also put water in a bowl and add a few drops of dish soap to the water. The gnats will get stuck in the water when they fly into it. This will not catch as many gnats as the soda bottle trap, but it will catch them a little at a time.

 If you continue to have problems with gnats in your home or you cannot get rid of them, contact a pest control company to do this job for you. They have the equipment and the chemicals to use that will kill the gnats quickly.


20 April 2018

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