3 Critical Steps To Take When Faced With A Cockroach Infestation


There are many pests you don't want to find on your property, but probably the least liked is the cockroach. These insects enter your home seeking food and shelter, and they could be carrying all sorts of diseases. You can deal with them effectively, though, by taking these steps. 

Identify Infestation Areas 

Before you start taking calculated measures to remove these pesky insects, you first need to identify where your infestation problem is. Your traps or repellents will then be much more effective at killing off the majority of the population. 

Some common areas to look in your home are underneath the kitchen cabinets, in the bathroom, closet corners, the garage, and underneath the sink. Basically any area that's dark and provides a controlled temperature setting could be a potential breeding ground for these pests. You'll know these areas are infested if there are small coffee-like grains on the ground. These are cockroach feces. 

Try Gel Bait Stations 

If your cockroach problem is relatively small, then you'll want to try setting out some gel bait stations around the infestation sites. The gel inside contains special chemicals that lure cockroaches in. It then works to kill cockroaches upon contact, and can also eradicate these insects upon ingestion. 

The great thing about these gel bait stations is they are affordable and can be placed in tight little crevices, including underneath baseboards in your home. You can also use these stations outside if your roach problem has started to spread. 

Get Professional Assistance 

There will be times when your roach infestation is simply too much to deal with alone. In this instance, you should contact professional pest control services. Experts with specialized equipment and years of experience in this industry will help you eradicate roaches in a timely, safe manner.

First, they'll identify the roach species that you're struggling to deal with. They can then device an eradication strategy that works for that particular species and the layout of your property. Generally, eradication involves spraying chemicals around the interior and exterior of your home. These chemicals are completely harmless to humans and pets. The pest control experts will come back at a later date to make sure the chemicals are working effectively.

There are so many problems with having a lot of cockroaches on your property, such as the spreading of diseases. That's why you need to tackle them head on and seek professional assistance when the cockroach infestation has escalated out of control. For more information, check out websites like http://www.antsplus.net.


4 April 2018

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