Four Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Home


The sight of a scorpion can be terrifying, particularly for someone who has never seen one before. These creatures are typically found in the Southwest, and they can be poisonous to humans as well as pets. To keep a scourge of scorpions from invading your home and yard, use the following helpful tips.

Get Rid Of Your Rock Bed

Rock beds can bring beauty to homes while also limiting the amount of lawn maintenance you need to do every week. However, they can also provide the perfect hiding place for scorpions. These arachnids are nocturnal, and they look for hiding places during the daytime to stay cool while they rest. Rocks can shield scorpions from the sun and provide a convenient way to hide from predators. Unfortunately, that means your rock bed may be a desirable hiding ground for scorpions.

Eliminate Sources Of Water

Scorpions will seek out sources of water to help stay cool, so eliminating moisture can be an essential part of your prevention plan. Keep bowls of water for pets inside when they are not in the yard, and be sure that your gutter and drainage system is functioning properly. Cover swimming pools when they are not being used, and inspect your home's plumbing to ensure there are no leaks that can cause moisture to build up.

Use Sticky Boards

Stick boards can catch scorpions as they make their way into your home. You can place them in windowsills and near the doors to your home, or you can place them outside on porches, balconies, and decks. The sticky surface adheres to the scorpion, preventing it from moving off of the trap. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of moving the traps once they have captured a scorpion, you can call a pest control service to remove the traps for you. As an added bonus, these traps can also capture centipedes, spiders, and a host of other annoying creatures.

Maintain Your Yard

Proper yard maintenance is essential for preventing many types of pests, including scorpions. Keeping grass trimmed and bushes pruned can help eliminate hiding places. Remember that grass covered with dew in the morning provides ideal conditions for scorpions, including the moisture needed to stay cool and shelter from the sun. You may want to avoid trimming the grass and doing yard work early in the morning to reduce the risk of running into one of these arachnids.

If you have spotted one or several scorpions on your property and you are concerned about dealing with the problem on your own, contact your local pest control company for expert assistance.


24 January 2018

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