4 Crucial Steps To Follow When You Have Bed Bugs In Your Office


Have you found a bed bug in your office? If you've never come across these pests, you may have been like many other people who assume these bugs are only found on beds. Despite their name and the fact that they do like to live on mattresses and bed frames, bed bugs travel on plenty of different things, including clothes, handbags, and even backpacks. With different people coming into your office to speak with you, there's a chance one of those people unknowingly brought bed bugs with them. There are some majorly important steps you'll need to follow to clear the office of these pests before the situation gets out of hand.

Empty Out Your Desk

Start by taking items out of your desk and inspecting them for any potential bed bugs. If they've had a chance to spread in the office without your knowledge, you may find them living inside of your desk drawers between files and paperwork. Even after you've inspected the desk and removed anything from inside of it, you should put those items into a plastic bag, seal it shut, and then leave the desk empty until it's been treated.

Check the Furniture

If you have furniture in the office, such as a couch, rolling desk chair, or any additional tables, you'll need to check these items for any traces of the bed bugs. If the furniture is brown, it may be difficult for you to spot the bed bugs, so it'll be best for you to use a flashlight while you're checking all the furniture. Even if you're not seeing any evidence of the bed bugs on the furniture, you may still want to have it all sprayed down by the professionals.

Give the Floors a Thorough Vacuuming

It's possible for bed bugs to live on the carpeting of your office. If they're hanging out in areas that aren't easy to see, you should bring a vacuum to the office and begin vacuuming the floors. Do not dispose of the vacuum's contents in your usual trash can. Pour the contents of the vacuum cleaner directly into a garbage bag that you'll be able to tie shut just in case any of these bugs end up inside the bag. You don't want them to crawl back out and get back into your personal space.

Have a Pest Control Company Spray the Office Down

After taking a few steps on your own, you should get in contact with a pest control company. A specialist would be able to go to the office to spray it down with an insecticide that kills the bed bugs shortly after they come in contact with the substance. The insecticide may be sprayed on your desk, office chairs, the walls, and even on any other furniture you have in the office. It'll need to dry before you can go back into the office.

If you've spotted a bed bug crawling around in your office, you'll need to take some important steps to treat the problem you have. It's important to go through your desk, check the furniture, vacuum the floors throughout the office, and get everything sprayed down with the right insecticide. After treatment, you may need to be extremely cautious about who comes into the office. Contact a company, like Falcon Pest Management, for more help.


24 November 2017

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