Three Animal Pests You Cannot Kill And Why


As you thumb through the listings for pest control services in your area, you may be distressed to discover that the animal pests you want to eliminate cannot be killed. There are some animal pests which are protected, and therefore only preventive measures or catch and release measures are allowed. Here are three animal pests you cannot kill and why.


Finding bats in your attic or in your garage is not a fun discovery. These animals, albeit very useful, are carriers of multiple diseases. You do not want to live with them or share a space with them because of the damage their feces and urine can do.

However, a pest control service can only remove the bats for a season, and if you do not block the entrances to their haunt, they will return. You cannot kill them because bats are a federally-protected animal. They consume several times their own body weight in pesky insects every night, which makes them a vital part of the food chain.

Mountain Lions/Cougars/Panthers

Ranchers frequently have problems with these North American big cats, which are essentially all the same animal but go by different regional names. These predators attack cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, etc., when food in the wild is scarce and the big cats are hungry. Unfortunately, they are also protected because they are endangered, or at-risk of becoming extinct depending on the sub-species of big cat. If you see a mountain lion/cougar/panther wandering into your yard, stay inside and call wildlife control specialists to deal with these cats. Do not shoot them under any circumstance short of preserving human life.

Pine Martens

Pine martens are very sneaky, like their ferret and fisher cousins. However, they are also endangered because people attempt to trap them and keep them as pets. Their small size and fluffy, cute, fox-like faces make them easy targets, especially for traps baited with fish or berries. If a marten is rummaging through your garbage because it likes what you throw out, you cannot kill it.

Pest control services have to catch it, and then the local wildlife and game people have to advise the captor as to what should be done with the marten. Since they have litters of babies to look after, you also do not want to capture a mother marten and orphan the babies. The best strategies are preventive ones, as a pine marten is not big enough or strong enough to tip a garbage can like a raccoon can. For more information, contact companies like Southern Greens Pest Control.


23 June 2017

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