Are You Making Your Garage an Attractive Place for Pests?


Garages are makeshift storage compartments for many families. This can lead to clutter, and where there's clutter, there might be pests. Some homeowners do not realize that their approach to using their garages as storage areas can attract a variety of pests. Cockroaches, ants, rats, spiders, and snakes are examples of pests that might try to make your garage their home. You do not have to resort to only using your garage for your vehicles. Instead, use good judgment and the following tips to reduce the chances of having unwelcome guests in your garage.

Clean Up

Perform a quick clean in your garage at least once a month. You can do it more frequently if you notice that clutter builds up in the area quickly or if you notice things like spider webs. Your cleaning should involve sweeping the area. Look for spider webs, and use a broom to remove them. Also look for other signs of pest activity such as rodent droppings or small ant colonies. 

Use Cabinets and Shelving

These are both two great options to keep your garage organized. They can be mounted on your garage walls. Having shelves and cabinets aids in keeping clutter off of the floor. Pests love clutter because they can use it to hide and as shelter. You can put labels on the cabinets and shelves so that everyone in your household will know where to put and find things stored.

Use Storage Containers

A number of property owners tend to store things in cardboard boxes. This is usually because cardboard boxes are easy to source, and they are often free. The issue is that many pests love cardboard boxes. For example, cockroaches have been known to eat cardboard and use it as shelter. Rodents also favor cardboard. Many of the things that people store in containers such as clothing and bed linens are ideal for pests looking for a warm place to stay in the winter. The best option for storage containers is plastic, airtight containers with lids. 

Seal Cracks and Holes

The idea is to make it as hard as possible for pests to enter your garage. This means that you will need to routinely inspect for holes and cracks. Ensure you seal them as soon as you find them because they can serve as entry points for pests. Keep in mind that some pests burrow or gnaw through building materials, which means you may not see a hole one week, but there could be one the next week. Cracks can also form due to weather or other events such as the ground shifting. 

If you follow the above advice and are still dealing with pests in the garage, talk to a pest control service like Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management for more help.


13 March 2017

Making My New Home Safe

After marrying my sweet husband ten years ago, I moved into a fixer-upper. I immediately started making a list of remodeling projects I wold need to complete before the house would be comfortable to live in. For instance, I had to rip out the old linoleum flooring in the kitchen, mud room, and bathrooms. I also had to buy a complete set of new furniture. Only a few days after moving into this house, I also discovered my need to contact a reputable pest control specialist. The house contained huge, disgusting roaches. After a local pest control technician visiting my house, my home was free of potentially health damaging roaches. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in the pest control industry for successfully removing roaches from a home.